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Carnival Cruise Lines TycoonCarnival Cruise Lines Tycoon

Do you have what it takes to build, manage, and operate a Carnival Cruise Lines ship?

Shrine: Circus TycoonShrine: Circus Tycoon

Book breathtaking Big Top performers, train the animals, build the coolest rides, create the best circus on Earth!

Marine Park EmpireMarine Park Empire

Control every aspect of your marine park, from cleaning and feeding your animals to hiring and firing employees!

City LifeCity Life

From superb villas to imposing sky scrapers, design, build, and develop the city of your dreams!

Mall of America TycoonMall of America Tycoon

Design, build and manage the ultimate shopping and entertainment paradise!

Outdoor Life: Sportsman's ChallengeOutdoor Life: Sportsman's Challenge

Create the best sightseeing, hunting and fishing haven for adventure seekers everywhere!

Snowboard Park TycoonSnowboard Park Tycoon

Take the challenge and become a Snowboard Park Tycoon, do whatever it takes to attract snowboarders!

Mall Tycoon 3Mall Tycoon 3

Tired of cruising the same old mall? Then create a Mall that rules with Mall Tycoon 3, the shopping center simulation!

Ride Carnival TycoonRide Carnival Tycoon

From ride construction to advertising to entertaining the masses, you run the show. Build the best traveling carnival!

Skateboard Park TycoonSkateboard Park Tycoon

Dudes, grab your boards and bring your business savvy to conquer the skateboarding world!

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