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A strategy game is where the player sees the "big picture." This usually includes controlling many units at once on a large map. Winning requires coordination of the units to destroy an opponent's stronghold or conquering an area of the game map. Strategy games usually require gathering and managing resources (oil, gold, food, etc). Our strategy game trials cost nothing to download and try, have fun!

Real-Time Strategy games are available in our RTS Games category. Smaller, casual downloadable games can be found at, our partner site Strategy Games page.

Risk 2

Risk 2

In this fast-paced game of strategy you are the commander of an army fighting for global domination!

Risk 2

Civilization IVCivilization IV

The best and most addictive gameplay of any strategy game ever created, with gorgeous 3D graphics!

Pirate HunterPirate Hunter

Grow your riches, steal ships, earn bounties, and plunder towns in the swashbuckling world of Pirate Hunter!

Worms ArmageddonWorms Armageddon

Hilarious action and strategy game, with a variety of features and modes. Take part in the battle between good and evil!

Uplink: Hacker EliteUplink: Hacker Elite

You are an Uplink Agent. Hack, steal, sabotage, launder, erase and frame, all through your computer!

Sid Meier's PiratesSid Meier's Pirates

Experience the adventure and danger of life as a pirate in the 17th century Caribbean, amassing fortune and fame!

Worms 4: MayhemWorms 4: Mayhem

The loveable, customizable, yet entirely destructible Worms are back in force with Worms 4: Mayhem!

Oval OfficeOval Office

The ultimate political simulation game, can you run the country better than the people in charge?

Kudos 2Kudos 2

It's your life - who will you be? Make the choices that will control your world in the ultimate life simulation game!

Caesar IVCaesar IV

Rise among the political ranks of the Roman Empire and become Caesar yourself, in this city builder game!

Robot Arena 2Robot Arena 2

An advanced robot workshop where players get to design and build their own fighting machines.


An original game that allows you to control someone's life, decide where they work, who they hang out with, and more!

Jagged Alliance 2 GoldJagged Alliance 2 Gold

A ruthless dictator has taken control of the tiny nation of Arulco. The bad news: you're in charge of the rebels!

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