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PlanetSide: AftershockPlanetSide: Aftershock

Join thousands of players in futuristic large-scale battles and all-out-war on the planetary continents of Auraxis!

Air RaidAir Raid

Air Raid immerses you in a mind blowing, realistic battle simulation that features stunning shoot 'em up action!

Vietnam War: Ho Chi Minh TrailVietnam War: Ho Chi Minh

You're a Special Forces commando surrounded by the enemy and armed with an arsenal of weapons!

Wanted GunsWanted Guns

Wanted Guns combines 3rd person action, horse-riding and sneak'em up assassination set in the Wild West!

25 to Life25 to Life

25 to Life is the game the streets have been waiting for! Play as either gangsters or cops, in this urban shooter!

Shanghai DragonShanghai Dragon

In 1937, Japan troops invaded the beautiful metropolis of Shanghai, your mission is to fight all the enemies!

WWII Tank CommanderWWII Tank Commander

Destroy the opposition and help free Europe from Nazi rule as you take command of a Sherman tank!

Jetfighter 2015Jetfighter 2015

Intense dog fighting and a variety of combat missions, featuring a state of the art graphics engine!

Tactical OpsTactical Ops

Play a military simulation game that focuses on action, including many real-life scenarios!

Chrome SpecForceChrome SpecForce

Chrome SpecForce is a first-person shooter set in a close future full of corruption and intrigue!

They Came From the SkiesThey Came From the Skies

It is 1960 and the peace of Planet Earth is shattered as an aggressive alien species starts a full scale invasion!

Rogue TrooperRogue Trooper

Featuring Intense 3rd-person action on the battlefields of Nu Earth, you are the last survivor of the Genetic Infantrymen!

Red SharkRed Shark

In 2010 in the secret laboratories in Russia, the operating model of time machine was completed!

MOB EnforcerMOB Enforcer

Become the Mob's hitman. You are Jimmy 'Machine Gun' DeMora, Scarface's main enforcer!

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